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Seattle has the fundamentals for sound real estate investment — strong population growth, strong economic development and strong demand for real estate. We capitalize on these opportunities in and around Seattle –the economic driver of the greater area known as the Salish Sea.

Seattle is in the midst of an economic renaissance. Not only does the greater Seattle area offer some of the best lifestyle, cultural and outdoor opportunities in the world, it has also become a new center for technology innovation, creative retailing, and advanced manufacturing. Indeed, Seattle is the birthplace of major industry innovators such as Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, Alaska Airlines, Expedia, Cray Computer, REI, Starbucks, Nordstrom and Costco. And, of course, Seattle is also the home to countless technology startups and is ranked as the fastest growing city for start-ups in the United States and the number one best city for jobs (per LinkedIn).


Invigorate combines local market expertise and deep industry know-how to provide quality deal flow and consistent returns. It’s not simply about the buying and selling of properties. It’s about the value our expertise brings to the investment process.


The Invigorate fund model includes value-add investment and development. This diversifies our portfolio, reduces risk and produces sustainable returns for investors.

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