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The Invigorate Soundside Fund focuses on affordable multi-family value-add housing in the Soundside Alliance Zone of south Seattle comprised of five adjacent communities of Burien, Normandy Park, SeaTac, Tukwila, and Des Moines. Focused on this underserved area, Invigorate applies a tried and true hard-work ethic to identify, procure, and renovate existing small to mid-size properties (6 - 15 units) with economies of scale per proximity, to add value, cut costs, enhance lives of residents, and rapidly increase appreciation.


Invigorate Soundside consists of three properties:  The Gemstone 1 and The Gemstone 2 (side-by-side sister properties) catering to a working-class neighborhood on the edge of Burien, and Lakeview in downtown Burien, catering to a more affluent demographic for a total of 25 units and approximately 21,000 square feet.

Invigorate Soundside represents traditional conservative staple properties in need of TLC with below market rates where we commence renovation phases with rent raises to current market rates thereby stabilizing properties to increase cap rates and help drive appreciation.  

Within the first 5 months of acquiring all three properties in Soundside, Invigorate has completed over 50% of planned renovations including new kitchens, new bathrooms, new parking, new unit numbering, new mailbox, new windows, new balcony railings, a brand new laundry room (where none had existed before), the creation of an additional unit, LED lighting, new paint and new exterior landscaping.  Invigorate is pleased to add that during renovation, which included a rent raise, vacancy remained at zero percent.

We are excited to have the foresight to be early-adopters to south Seattle's multi-cultural gentrifying Soundside Alliance Zone and to provide affordable housing for its current residents and fast-growing newcomers from surrounding areas and out of state transplants.


Invigorate solves a fundamental problem - the lack of convenient, affordable living spaces.  We make it easy for our clients to nest.  With the rapid growth in population of the Seattle area, finding affordable, convenient, ready-to-move-in, and comfortable housing is frequently a huge dilemma.

​Our residents may be young and just starting their professional careers, they may be established nurses, seasoned construction engineers, doctors too busy to furnish their own place or pay individual bills, or graduate students seeking a trendy and conventional place to live.  In all cases, our residents appreciate our flexibility in offering them a convenient and comfortable place for a typical stay of six to twenty-four months.

​​We offer an alternative to the exceedingly expensive, luxury furnished housing offerings in the jungle of newly built downtown high rises.  Our living spaces are not only more affordable, but less pretentious, more comfortable, and always practical.  Our flagship "all-inclusive" housing, The Cardigan, is located on the northern-edge of Seattle in the high growth, trendy community such as 85th and Greenwood crossing.  The Cardigan not only offers excellent public transportation to downtown, but is also located near major colleges, hospitals, shopping districts, and the University of Washington.

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